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Our Story

We are always interested in partnering with manufacturing, designing or hardware providers.  Contact us if you want to talk about getting your brand into a TerraCraft vehicle. 

The TerraCraft Story

Terracraft Motors is a new start-up venture based in El Lago, Texas, focused on introducing our radical new reverse trike to motorcycle and motorsports enthusiasts. Two years in the making by Co-Founders Wes Abbott and Andy Thomson, the Terracraft vehicle presents a fully original and attractive design solution that tackles a number of undesirable characteristics inherent with traditional motorcycles and trikes. Terracraft started as a personal solution to a problem identified by Founder Wes Abbott when contemplating a position with an engineering firm 50 miles on the other side of Houston, Texas.

Wes began running the numbers for employment negotiations and determined that it was either move away from the coast to the North Side of town, or build a cost effective fun way to commute single occupancy in the HOV lane in all weather year around conditions in business attire. Wes was amazed to find that there were no real world solutions other than electric vehicles, underdeveloped kits, or very low profile side by sides.

As a SUV driver Wes knew he wanted to have a minimal sight line comparable to the typical sedan rather than at licence plates level in order to see over the freeway dividers and to be on par with the majority of traffic for safety, security and comfort.

What Problem Are We Solving?

So…what’s so new about the Terracraft vehicle? Everything! Existing motorcycle trike vehicles evolved as a decades old solution to resolve the physical manhandling requirements of two wheel motorcycles, offered some extended touring and cruising versatility, and effectively gave more years riding in the saddle. The prevalent existing design solution is the inherently unstable ‘delta trike’ vehicle, with single front wheel for steering. Delta configuration vehicles are little changed in the decades since they first became popular, and a better design alternative was well overdue to overcome the notoriously compromised steering and handling problems intrinsic to their design. A little 21st Century appearance updating surely won't draw many complaints either.

A Motorcycle Alternative - A Bike With Benefits

In the end, Wes decided not to transfer however he now saw a solution to another problem he faced after he married. He and his wife lost a good friend to a motorcycle accident shortly after marrying. However, Wes had told his wife prior to marriage that he would have another bike at some point, that she could either help pick the color or not. After losing a close friend Wes knew it would not be easy to get his wife on a bike and it would likely be his solo recreation without her consensus. There had to be a way to reinvent the motorcycle and create a solution that didn’t sacrifice personal safety but still provided that same thrill and exhilaration.

The solution he settled upon was a stable motorcycle reverse trike configuration, with full frame enclosure for rider safety. The eventual confirmation of the design concept was consistent positive feedback and reactions from friends, riders and family. And last and most importantly, buy off from his wife that she would feel at ease to ride with him on a TerraCraft. As it turned out she decided she would drive a TerraCraft herself (and went on to request a blue one.)