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Let's sit down to discuss your specifications, uses and design. Whether it be road, track, eco-commuter, touring, disability vehicles
or just flat out recreation, we are standing-by in Houston to talk. 

What can we build for you?  We have the NASA history, the technical expertise and the design finesse to build a TerraCraft vehicle specifically for you.  There are a lot of options to consider, a lot of material, a lot of technology.  Let's begin a dialogue.

Partner with us on a one off limited special edition founders club units. You can own one of the first 12 special edition Terracraft SuperTrikes with many perks other than having 1 of 13 of the funnest SuperTrike on earth. Call for detail and incentives. Such as commissioned at cost with guaranteed upgrades.

We also have a lot of patent pending technology that solves the 80 year old problem of how to create a bionically-leaning, motorized trike.  If you are a manufacturer of motor sport vehicles and would like to licence our technology or forge new partnerships, let us know that too.  


Custom Build

A TerraCraft vehicle is the ultimate limited-production, leaning super-trike handcrafted specifically for each investor. We use specific details about your riding style, use, specifications and physical characteristics to handcraft each TerraCraft vehicle to fit you perfectly.

All of the TerraCraft super-trikes are freestyle designs built off our core technology and chassis platform. As no two custom TerraCraft vehicles are the same, the pricing starts at $65K for a copy of our prototype then the cost goes up based on the client's vision, budget and the vast amount of uses and options available with our technology, advanced components and materials.

You could be a part of our Founder's Club which brings with it exclusive benefits such as technology upgrades and special pricing.

I would love to talk with you to better understand your vision of your ultimate exotic personal transportation vehicle. - Wes Abbott  

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Technology License

TerraCraft Motors Inc. is open for licensing discussions regarding our Interactive Lean Control System (ILCS) technology for commercialization with vehicle equipment manufacturers. Our discussion points are structured for a major OEM offering capital investment to exclusively develop our ILCS technology for the mass market. 

TerraCraft Motors Inc. will reserve the rights to use and further develop our intellectual property by manufacturing high-end low volume bespoke craft, motorsports craft and aftermarket options and provide exclusive hand built super-trikes. This partnership will enable TerraCraft Motors Inc. to focus on the advancement of our technology across many platforms to provide the most enjoyable riding experience available on Earth.

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