The Founders Club

Terracraft Motors Inc. (Terracraft) is in its startup phase and is accepting orders for the initial production run build of 10 reverse trikes showcasing our now patented AutoPilot Interactive Lean Control System (ILCS) technology. Terracraft is offering an incentive, The Founders Club, in order to motivate the purchase of these first-run supertrikes and as a reward to the innovators and early adopters for their customer loyalty that enables Terracraft to make a successful market entry. This is a one-time incentive plan that won’t be offered for next-generation supertrike buyers.



The Founders Club was conceived as an incentive program to motivate first production run buyers of our generation-one? trike. We offer this incentive to show our loyalty to you, our future brand ambassadors, in recognition of your pivotal role in launching Terracraft into the market. Only through your willingness and commitment to support Terracraft’s early vision is our future success possible. The Founders Club thus offers potential long term benefits to you, our innovators and early adopters of this new supertrike platform, to recognize your crucial role in the tooling up and successful launch of TerraCraft.


Benefits to Founding Mambers 

All trikes built for Founders Club members will be:

  • An initial run Terracraft, serialized as one of the first ten, with full certification of provenance. 
  • Sold at our projected cost to build them, inclusive of labor, parts and materials expenses, but exclusive of any profit or fees in recognition of your pivotal role in our future success.
  • Given equity ownership interest in Terracraft Motors, Inc. in an amount equal to the purchase value of your trike build. Thus Founders Club members truly become founders of Terracraft and share in the company’s future success.
  • Offered buyers’ participation in the build process. As a Founder's Club member, you will work directly with Terracraft engineers in the design process, approving body-style nuances, color, and personalized features prior to build.
  • Given free future safety and/or technology upgrades for the life of your trike.
    • As Terracraft continues development of later generation vehicles we will reward your early commitment to a generation-one vehicle build by agreeing to incorporate any later generation technology (black box) improvements and safety modifications into your generation one trike so you will stay up to date with the latest improvements.
  • Given direct support from Terracraft Engineers during the life of your trike.
  • Owners of a trike that performs like nothing else out there.