State of the Art Custom/Concept Supertrike Builds

The TerraCraft Supertrike is a revolutionary motorcycle design, a fully enclosed, tilting, reverse trike with two front wheels and a tandem saddle seat or single/race configuration.  While each TerraCraft is uniquely designed for you, each vehicle has the same powerful underlying technology.  Combined with its favorable power to weight ratio, the TerraCraft delivers stunning performance.


Embedded in each Supertrike is the TerraCraft Motors Inc. patented Interactive Lean Control System (ILCS). The TerraCraft tilting suspension system is designed to allow for the entire vehicle (body and wheels) to tilt into the turns for more stable, higher performance cornering maneuvers.  

TerraCraft Motors Inc. is now accepting reservations for the initial custom builds of the Terracraft Supertrike.  Contact us and let us know your specifications, driving lifestyle and your budget, and we’ll design a one of a kind machine for you. The customization options, from powertrains to fully enclosed with environmental controls, are limitless.  Let's begin a dialog and together discover what your TerraCraft can be.