Race Series Creation (TerraCraft one-make series)

TerraCraft is actively engaged in discussions with a national U.S. motorcycle racing governing body regarding the formulation on an entirely new class of three wheeled motorcycle racing based on our platform.  Advancing the series requires a minimum field of 10 competitive teams to launch this new race series. Build your race Terracraft and get involved to help build and compete in this “One-Make” race series.


The first class will include the TerraCraft ® Supertrikes™ Pushing terrestrial boundaries with their ground breaking interactive lean control system that emulates the equilibrium of a motorcyclist yet allowing bionic override capabilities to lean Supertrike with the security of the copilot to provide additional degree a safety and performance at speeds beyond human capabilities.


With the evolution of the MotoTrikes comes the claims of the best and fastest. Well the truth is in the numbers. Come join us if you think you have the fastest trike and or pilot. Categories/classes may include leaning, side x side and sit on top RT.


Be the first to join the trike revolution. The trike industry is in the chasm of its market curve and is attracting a lot of attention. Crowds gather, photo, video and share TerraCraft media at every event exponentially more over surrounding attractions and otherwise spectacle superbikes and exotic cars.


MotoSuperTrike™ is the organization that promotes the Trike Motorcycle race series founded in 2017.

MotoSuperTrike™ primary goal is to develop trike motorcycle road racing in North America and ultimately provide a safer alternative with a twist of technology for high performance Supertrike™ Motorcycle racing. Pushing the development of personal transportation design and technology in a rapidly expanding commuting world. The TerraCraft team quickly realized the attention and following of a larger than anticipated demographic that is all about technology and extreme motorsports.

The MotoSuperTrike™ series is run by the TerraCraft Motors Inc. a team led by Veteran NASA engineers and motorcyclist.