Super Trike



The SuperTrike's System Selects the Best and Most Appropriate Tilting Angle

By: Rahul Kalvapalle - Apr 23, 201

The SuperTrike is a truly spectacular tilting three-wheeler vehicle, designed by none other than Terracraft, that makes use of a smart computer system to choose the perfect tilting angle. 

This system enables you to perform very aggressive tilts without getting nauseous or worrying about tipping over, something which will come as a relief to trike enthusiasts. 

Ultimately, it's quite clear that the Supertrike offers a whole plethora of advantages when compared to other similar offerings currently available on the growing trike market. Its integrated roll cage ensures that operators and passenger are both kept safe at all times. The narrow tandem seating configuration ensures that the Supertrike can quickly and efficiently handle corners. These smart design inclusion mark out the Supertrike as the safest and most fun trike of its kind.