TerraCraft Motors Inc. Unveils the First High-Performance Leaning Trike with a Proprietary Interactive Lean Control System

TerraCraft Motors Inc. Unveils the First High-Performance Leaning Trike with a Proprietary Interactive Lean Control System.

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EL LAGO, TEXAS (near the NASA Johnson Space Center) – Dec 01, 2015 – Up until now, traditional motorized trike designs have been hampered by their inability to tilt. As those vehicles turn at driving speeds, they are at high risk of tipping over or flipping due to their rigid design which do not allow them to lean.

TerraCraft Motors Inc. of El Lago, Texas has today unveiled a new three-wheel, tandem seat motorcycle that contains a newly patent-pending Interactive Lean Control System (ILCS). The prototype, technology demonstrator vehicle, known simply as “TC1”, tilts the same way a traditional two wheel motorcycle rides as the driver goes in and out of curves.

“Our exclusive TerraCraft ILCS technology solves an 80 year old challenge of how to actively control a counter – steering, leaning trike at performance speeds.” says Wes Abbott, Founder of TerraCraft Motors Inc. “Our heritage NASA backgrounds have allowed us to think differently about how to create a safer, more stable and higher-performance vehicle”

TerraCraft Motors Inc. is a small team originating from NASA contractors at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The company was founded by individuals from the human spaceflight operations, spacecraft testing and extreme environment engineering realms making the prototype technology demonstrator a vehicle actually designed by rocket scientists.

This system is very different from a pure mechanical design. “This new ILCS is a made up of existing technologies connected together in a new way, combinations of sensors, accelerometers, potentiometers, gyros, and inertial measurement units that when working together provide inputs for the calculation of the tilt angle and automatic center of gravity calculation.” says Hank Jones, TerraCraft Chief Electrical Engineer.

“The vehicles don’t just tilt mechanically (which can still be dangerous), TerraCraft vehciles have the intelligence built in to know how many people are on the vehicle, how fast you are going, can sense the angle of your turn and then will automatically tilt the vehicle so your balance stays well within a safe zone.” says Christopher Leslie, TerraCraft External Relations. “The sensation is sort of like flying a T38 astronaut training jet on the road.”

The market demand in the United States for recreational three-wheeled vehicles has risen to 5% of the total motorcycle market since 2012 representing $1B in potential sales. Andrew Thomson, Co-Founder of TerraCraft says “We are thrilled to have entered the market today. With the increased trike sales projected in the next 5 years, we believe with a safer, more exciting, higher performing vehicle, we can significantly impact the market with original vehicle designs and/or licensing ILCS technology to industry manufacturers.”

You can get a glimpse of the new TC1 vehicle at http://terracraftmotors.com and if you are in Texas, look for the TC1 vehicle at various outdoor festivals and motorcycles rallies. More information about the TC1, the technology behind it and details of TerraCraft Motors Inc. is available via their website.


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