Custom Leaning Super Trikes 


State of the Art Custom Supertrike Builds

Terracraft is a custom super-trike design and build company incorporating high tech solutions from our technology lab to produce extreme performance, improved safety margins, and all around comfort all in a new motorsports pedigree motorcycle.


TerraCraft Motors is located adjacent to NASA Johnson Space Center and is proud to be building and offering American made products.

TerraCraft Motors is comprised of some of the most ingenious and creative talents from the NASA Aerospace community to pull off the technology advancement necessary to build this amazing vehicle.


Technology Development, and Engineering



TerraCraft is a technology development company committed to advancing the state of the art through our Research and Development activities. We developed our super-trike technology in our in-house technology laboratory. Super-trikes are only the beginning. We have a research and development team and facilities to enable motorsport technology applications for a wide spectrum of customers.


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The Interactive Lean Control System (ILCS)